How to submit a job request

The preferred way to submit a job request is to fill out a short form on our web application. This can be done through a laptop/PC or a smartphone.

Alternatively, a job request can be sent to your Account Manager via email and must include the following information:

  • Job Type (Construction, Moving, Office Assistance, or Event/Hospitality)
  • Number of Doers Needed
  • Job Date, Time, and Estimated Duration
  • Is this job recurring? If so, for how long and estimated number of Doers needed per day.
  • Job Location (full address)
  • Purchase Order # (if applicable)
  • Detailed Description of Job
  • Special Notes: dress code, meeting instructions, parking, etc.
  • Point of Contact/Check-In Instructions for Doers

To Post a Job Online

1.   Log in to your account and click on ‘Post a Job’ button on the left navigation menu

2.   Complete the job posting form and provide as much detail as possible about your job request. An estimate will also be provided online that dynamically updates with the information you provide about your job request.

Enter detailed information about your job request on the first page.

Next, select the date and time that your job will begin.

Select the number of Doers you need and provide an estimate for how long the job should take.

Finally, submit your job posting.

If you do not already have a payment method entered, you will be redirected to add one.

Once your job has been successfully posted, you will be redirected to a post-confirmation page.

3.   Once your job has been successfully posted, you can view its status or edit the job anytime from the My Jobs page.

4.   Once all Doers that have been requested have accepted a job posting, the job status will change to Live.