GENETWORx Registration FAQs

GENETWORx: Registration FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Job Details

Where is the job? 

* 4060 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen, VA 23060, USA

What is the schedule?

* 40 Hours a week with opportunity for overtime * 4 days during the week with 1 weekend shift; preferred

Who do I report to?

* Charnetta, Operations Manager * Office Phone: 804-346-4363, ext 0 * Cell: 804-839-9073

What do I do if I need to call out sick or have an emergency? 

* Call or text: 844-452-2676 * Email:

What is the dress code? 

* Business casual (Jeans and a tshirt are fine) 

* Closed toed shoes are required 

* PPE will be provided Reporting Time Worked

How do I clock in and out for my shift? 

* Download the Laborocity app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. At the time of your shift you will be prompted to clock in. What if I can’t clock in/out on the APP or I have an issue submitting hours? 

* Call or text: 844-452-2676 

* Email: 

Payroll How do I complete my Form I-9 and W4? 

* In your welcome email you will receive your Form I-9 and W4. Please print, complete your portion and bring it with you to your first shift with your acceptable forms of identification.

When do I get paid and what is the pay cycle? 

* We pay out weekly every Friday for the week prior (Sun-Sat)

What is Paylocity? 

* Paylocity is our payroll provider. You will be able to register and create an account to maintain your tax, direct deposit and personal information.

When will I be able to register with Paylocity 

* Upon completion of your I9 and W4, including having it attested on site, please wait 2 business days before attempting to register with Paylocity.

How do I get paid? 

* We can remit payment in two forms either via paper checks or direct deposit. 

* Paper Check Process: Paper checks are mailed from our Radnor Office every Thursday to the address on file. This can take about 3-5 business days to arrive in the mail. 

* Direct Deposit: Once you are able to access our payroll provider Paylocity (Typically 2 business days after submitting your completed I9 and W4) You will be able to log-in and update your bank information. Please note: Paylocity requires a 14 business day period to verify your bank information. During this time, you will receive paper checks. The paper checks during your verification process are called the pre-note(s).

I’m positive my direct deposit information is correct, am I able to skip the prenote? 

* YES! Once you add your direct deposit information to paylocity, please email and she will send you a consent form. * This consent form will have you acknowledge that your account information is correct to the best of your knowledge. And that you understand, since we were unable to verify your account information that if there is a bank error, your payment will be delayed. Once we recover the funds we will remit payment.